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Send an email with your part file attached. In the body of the email, please provide your company name and address.
You also need to include the contact information of a technical person we can talk with if we have questions about the part.

We prefer that you send Solidworks part files if possible. If not, you can send IGES or STEP files. Drawings are very helpful and should be included if available in pdf form, however only a 3d file is required.



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10 Day Parts
235 Citation Circle Corona
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Charges vary depending on your service provider and country.


When we receive your part files, we start the quoting process. If we have technical questions we will call you.

After we have contacted you, we will then email you a quote including tool cost, tool delivery, and part cost. The tool delivery is good for two working days. If you review the email quote and decide to proceed, we will then send you a formal quotation. A formal quotation usually takes another couple of days.

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