Elfy’s Inc.

The team headed by Elias “Elfy” Eleftheriades is an impressive one because of their innovative solutions and their great experience in the development of prototypes, mold designs, CAD/CAM models, and production-level components. Their modern facilities are housed in a production space of more than 12,000 Ft² and include 8 injection-molding machines and a wide selection of polymers on inventory, as well as 3 CNC milling machines, sinker EDMs, and a fully equipped manual workshop, thus promising efficient processing from the very start.

Customers fre quently come to Elfy’s with complex designs where others have tried and failed. With their creative technical approach to parts design, Elfy’s specialists repeatedly find efficient solutions for the manufacturing process by pushing possibilities to their limits. Thanks to their in-depth knowledge and practical thinking regarding effective mold construction, they are able to identify critical areas in a timely manner before problems arise.

Direct lines of communication save time and money when implementing quality controls and making design modifications and parts deliveries.

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Elias ‘Elfy’ Eleftheriades