Integrity Mold Inc.

Integrity Mold, Inc. is an ISO 2001:2008 registered company and a highly-competitive, high-quality, full service manufacturer of plastic injection molded parts, integrated assemblies, and injection molding tool fabrication. A team of experienced professionals provide superior manufacturing services building to our customers’ product designs and specifications.

The state-of-the-art equipment is well-suited for high volume and high precision manufacturing and satisfies corporate GREEN INITIATIVES. Integrity use all-electric molding machines that are 75% more energy efficient than conventional hydraulic injection mold equipment, operate much cleaner (no hydraulic fluid), and provide superior process controls for highly-repeatable, tight-tolerance production. The company’s team of process and tooling engineers, technicians and quality specialists are among the best in the industry, capable of executing demanding molding jobs, specialized processes, and secondary operations.

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Mr. Mike Friend,
V.P. & General Manager