injection molded parts –

get them in just 10 working days!

We have been perfecting the process of rapid molding and tooling for over a decade. Our unique approach enables us to produce real injection molded parts with all of the precision tolerances and durability you might expect from expensive production tooling, yet in an incredibly accelerated time frame and at a fraction of the cost.

The advantages of the Westfall Technik group are many faceted and far reaching. The focus on quality and productivity requires optimization of every stage of manufacturing. One common theme is …

Improving time to market

2 million shot guarantee –

get the best of both worlds!

How is it possible that a mold can be produced in 10 days AND be guaranteed for 2 Million shots? With the system we’ve developed you get the best of both worlds. You have the advantage of our quick turnaround moldmaking as well as our production ability to provide molded parts to you to meet production needs. You can rely on our 2 Million shot guarantee for assurance we will not only get you parts quickly, but we can produce them for the long haul.

For many parts we facilitate production for the first 1-5 years of a product’s life. If you are a specialized medical company and your annual volumes aren’t getting high-volume molders excited, we may be just the fit for you for production needs on an extended basis.

We deal with many customers whose annual usage is 1,000 to 100,000 units so we will consider all types of projects. And you are guaranteed to have consistent quality parts for up to 2 Million shots! All this without mold maintenance charges or other hidden expenses.

Quality Assurance

It is not enough to simply build a mold quickly. Without a quality system to support the stringent requirements of critical components, a tool can be practically useless. One thing that separates our company from the competition is our robust quality system. We support the manufacturing of production runs with a complete quality system that meets ISO requirements. It is constant attention to detail that assures you of getting correct parts each and every time. At Advanced Technology, we take part quality very seriously. We understand the need for customers to depend on accurate and consistent injection molded parts. We have a customer base which consists of approx. 95% medical device OEMs so we are familiar with stringent production requirements. From production run to production run, you get the same quality every time. Quality that makes your product a success.

Standards are set and parts are checked throughout the production run. Whether it’s random sampling or one hundred percent inspection, you can expect quality parts from each order. We check plastic parts for structural integrity; we do that by making special fixtures that simulate a real world application. So, whether your molded part requires an impact load, a torque load, or a compression load, we can test it. Real parts in a real world!


Even with this capability, we find some larger customers often only plan on using us to develop early prototypes of their part design and intend on going right into molding high volume runs with multi-cavity tooling. Often they use our quick turnaround moldmaking as a replacement of other steps such as stereolithography and similiar processes which do not give accurate representations of the final part. In those cases we may provide only a few hundred to a few thousand parts to meet their needs. In either case we can help you meet your project’s goals for quick time to market.

what it means to you –

tight schedules are no longer a problem!

Tradeshow and clinical deadlines and tight product release schedules are no longer a problem. You can now get parts in a fraction of the time and cost it normally takes. And remember, you get parts in the material you want.

Even development time is cut to a minimum. By dealing directly with your engineers, we can mold samples, make changes, and mold samples again and again using this concept. It is the fastest and most efficient way to develop a plastic part or a complete assembly. AND though we specialize in low quantities, our fully ISO Compliant quality system and molding area can provide production parts in large volumes as well. No other process comes close.

Complex Parts – No Problem – Undercuts, external and internal threads, textured surfaces and even parts with NO DRAFT. Give us an opportunity to quote YOUR next project. We think you’ll be surprised at our performance.